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Other uses of the images of the works

The images of the work "Le Lune di Galileo": 

in the television footage of  National and foreign TV at the 66th Venice International Film Festival, Hotel Des Bains, Lido di Venezia, Sept. 2009; in the Christmas greeting cards of 2009 and 2010 of the Bibl. Int. " La Vigna ”of Vicenza; In the  AIM calendar  of Vicenza, May 2012.

The images of the "anguane" at the Sojo Park in Lusiana have been chosen to accompany many articles; in the park's Christmas greeting card in 2006; in Itinerary  Magic Tour , Journey through historical testimonies and fantastic tales, in the province of Vicenza, by Vicenzaè; in  "The Veneto of Mystery A guide to places ..."  by A. Toso Fei  in “Veneto, between the earth and the sky ... giando mystery” ; in "My Sojo" by E. Jobin , quad. 4  Sojo Park.

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