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The artist Margherita Michelazzo is "an example of the force of freedom, outside the institutionalized discourses of art" (Alberto Mattia Martini, "Get an apple" personal at  Pomaria, 2007).


The Venezuelan Jacobo Borges , his teacher at the Sommerakademie in Salzburg, writes that "Margareta sabe que el sol y la manzana son la misma cosa eso se puede ver in su obra".

It is the great Venezuelan artist who opens the way to free artistic creativity by saying “take an apple”, as an aesthetic and symbolic object that can be investigated knowing that the apple always demands a choice. The theme of choice is the theme that unites all of Margherita Michelazzo's projects: between good and evil, between life and death, between beauty and ugliness, between black and white of history, between celebration of the past and building the future.


The emblematic iconography of the apple is at the center of much of his artistic production which reveals "inventive energy combined with intense expressiveness" (Maria Lucia Ferraguti ) and "poetic strength, in the versatile ability to re-invent matter, to change the role of things , investigating their polysemic value, to give shape to ancient words and myths and to play with palindromes and calembour ”( Giovanna Grossato ). 

So it is in the fine engravings presented with critical and public success at the personal,  "Bite after Bite" which opened the season of major exhibitions at the Soncino Printing Museum  (CR, 2012) and "Pomography" at Galla Caffè in Vicenza (2013).

So it is in painting, sculpture and singular artist books; in the evocative installations in cor-ten steel where the discs from recycled material play with the wind and become "Mele Sonore"  (Holding Askoll) or "Lune di Galileo" using precise astronomical measurements played with the freedom of artistic creation; in transforming the premises of the prestigious apartment built by Carlo Scarpa , in Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria in Vicenza, into a theatrical scene for 2000 historical apples, a hundred "cultivars" of extraordinary beauty and heady scent, in the personal exhibition "ABRACADABRA" in 2016

In AreaArte, Monica Bonollo interviews her about her artistic research and ABRACADABRA, an event organized in collaboration with Veneto Agricoltura and the International Library “La Vigna”, within the Agriculture Festival. “A feast for the eyes and the mind. A search for beauty and culture built around two installations of great charm and refinement, which lead us to reflect on the environment and genetic protection ”( Maurizia Veladiano ). The  guides  tourist  of three groups of architects from Bordeaux, Daniela Zarpellon and the French Carolin Mazel , visiting Scarpa's apartment during Abracadabra, with a letter to President Mario Bagnara, express great appreciation for the artist's ability to enhance the extraordinary location: "The light invented by Carlo Scarpa highlighted the suspended shapes of Margherita's interesting installations, which, conversely, gave profound emphasis to the architectural forms of the environment". They believe "that forms of culture promotion such as that set up by Margherita go directly to the purpose and leave deep traces, precisely because they touch the chords of the visitors' emotions".

It is no coincidence that the images of his “Apples Models” were requested by the magazine of Art and Culture, “Con-fine” of March 2009, to accompany an article.

For the symbolic value it transmits, his engraving "Be foolish, be hungry, but seed savers" is donated by the organizers of "Be4eat-Think about eat", (Fiera di Vicenza, 2012) to the American scientist T. Colin Campbell.

With the Fragilismo group and with the Vignato per l'Arte Foundation , he participates in  group exhibitions in Vicenza and Milan, curated by Sotirios Papadopulos who presents his personal exhibition PASSWORD, in the premises of “L'Idea Amatori” in Vicenza, starting the activity of the gallery.  


The artist Margherita Michelazzo is also internationally known for her large installation sculptures in wire mesh and cor-ten steel, so suggestive and engaging that they deserve important appreciation and recommendations.  


At the Biblical Festival 2010 , his three installations with performances, "HOSPES / HOSTIS", highlight "Pensiero forte" ( Maria Lucia Ferraguti ), "cultured symbolic correspondences and highly studied structural inventions" (Marica Rossi ) on the theme of the relationship with the Other .


The prestigious Brazilian publication ARTE E NATUREZA , on i  27 most important Art and Nature Parks in the world , (2016), presents one of his works alongside those of consecrated artists such as Melotti, Arp, Calder ... It is one of the "Anguane" in wire mesh, installed in the Sojo Park in Lusiana (YOU). The curator Serena Ucelli Di Nemi considers the anguane project "very beautiful and integrated with the environment".

RAI TRE , in the program "Quante Storie" by Corrado Augias , (2018), at the Sojo Park, interviews the artist next to the site specific work in cor-ten steel, "Anguana in search of the myth", almost Neolithic decoration in a prehistoric place with ancient legends.

The installation also appears in international publications  such as " The Magical Places of Veneto " and " The Veneto of Mystery " and quotes from the FAI . And this work is among those that have most aroused the interest and appreciation of Vittorio Sgarbi , visiting the Park in 2008.


At the show conference (Ass. C.3 + A) "THE SEDUCTION IN THE LEGEND , the Anguane " (2017) in Pojana Maggiore (VI), the images  of the "Anguane" by Margherita Michelazzo, in wire mesh, cor-ten steel and mirroring material, interacted with the ethnographic presentation by Daniela Perco and with the singing of Patrizia Laquidara , as if to evoke water, in the suggestive Villa Poiana built by Andrea Palladio , ancient thermal architecture, over a disappeared meander of the Adige river. 

From the head of the spring waters, from the sinuosity of the snakes and meanders and from the reflective capacity of the material, the shape built by the artist for a work in progress project, for a Natural Park.


OPEN 12 , International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, (Lido di Venezia 2009), indicates among the works most appreciated by the public and critics, his impressive and evocative installation "The Moons of Galileo", later placed at the invitation of the President Mario Bagnara , in the garden of the International Library "La Vigna " in Vicenza, with a synergistic operation between public and private noteworthy. Able to interact with the viewer and with the environment, the work continues to be the subject of repeated visits, for the inner well-being it causes and the positive energy that the sound and oscillation of the discs transmit.

Of the installation, at the center of numerous cultural events and the design of a Feng Shui garden (2011), Michelangelo Pistoletto after the conference "The Third Paradise-Cultivating the City ", at the Library "la Vigna" said that he plays even without the wind for the geometry and form with which it is built, immediately understanding, in direct contact, also the strength of the repetition of the number, in the harmony of the whole (2014). "Initial harmonies " that Rossi Writes in " The surprising Italy: Galileo's Moons " discovers and identifies with what he believes to be the most beautiful secret garden in Vicenza.


In 2014, she was commissioned a site specific work for the inauguration of the new elementary school in Povolaro di Dueville (VI) her country of origin, entitled "My school ", the work is made with the ancient hemp of a neighbor factory and sandpaper, materials chosen to give "luster" to a hard-working community and to the "factory" in its being also an engine of social development.


Since 2019 he has been working on the “ PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS” project, an installation with urban and architectural performance , to celebrate the V Centenary of the First Journey around the World and its chronicler , Antonio Pigafetta from Vicenza . The project, which enjoys significant patronage (Municipality of Vicenza, Pigafetta500, Honorary Consulate of Chile, Order of Architects and Landscape Architects of the Province of Vicenza, Consorzio Legno Veneto ...) work in progress for the pandemic, was presented by the International Library " La Vigna ”in Vicenza, at the 16th Day of the Contemporary , receiving authoritative international acclaim and the attention of the press and critics. Urged at the same time as an artist and geographer, Margherita comes to focus on an urban installation ready to leave its mark in the Vicenza places of Pigafetta ( Agata Keran , in Amedit, Spring 2021).



Graduated with honors from the University of Padua, with an experimental thesis in Economic Geography , chosen for “originality, breadth and scientific rigor”, she obtained the First Prize of the Ass. Industrialists of Vicenza.

After a strong experience as a teacher at an Ergotherapy Colony in the province of Vicenza, in the years 1973/74 and 1974/75 he dedicated himself to teaching Economic Geography in High School Institutes and at the University of Adults and Elderly.

These apparently misleading professional experiences are actually highly significant for the development of those themes that are found in his works: metamorphosis, variability, identity, preference for site specific installations, attention to materials ...


Margherita Michelazzo returns to art with continuity and at a mature age, from the distant first prize of 1968, obtained in the painting competition reserved for students of the high schools of Vicenza. He attends students of Oscar Kokoscka and follows nude courses with a model, free and with the engraver Ivo Mosele . The painter Vico Calabrò introduces her to the historic Stamperia Busato in Vicenza, where she makes engravings, even experimental ones, stimulated by the works of historical engravers and by the presence of young students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and various Graphic Schools.

The courses in History of Art and of  Aesthetics followed at the University of Padua  with Dino Formaggio

It is J acobo Borges , her teacher in painting and nude courses, at the Sommerakademie fur Bilbende Kunst in Salzburg (2004, 2005) who makes her understand "the importance of not setting aside or denying her educational background, but rather starting from reasoning , from the method, to then wander and enter the irrational ( AM Martini ).

Only exibitions

2020     "PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS", 16th Contemporary Day,          LOVE US


2018     "Life Risorgive", Conference, Festival of Agriculture (Project            ASL). Presentation of the “Anguane” works, in the video of             students of the Liceo Scientifico "Quadri" of Vicenza and of the Ist.             “Parolini” Farm in Bassano.


2017     “The seduction in the legend, the anguane”, Villa Pojana a             Pojana Maggiore (VI.


2016     “ABRACADABRA, when I speak I create”, Carlo's apartment         Scarpa, Palazzo Brusarosco Zaccaria, Vicenza.


2013     "Pomography, the engraved line that makes the difference",           

         Galla Caffè, Vicenza.


         “Authors in Wikipedia”, ITCA Fusinieri of Vicenza with  

         Vittorio Mincato.


         Caffè Garibaldi, Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza.


2012     “Bite after Bite”, Museum of the Press - Home                 Printers, Soncino (CR).


        "Password M4r9H3r1T4m1ch314220", L'Idea- Amatori               design Craft Store, Vignato Foundation for Art, Sotirios             Papadopulos.


         Vicenza Fair - Be4eat-think about eat, with T.                    Colin Campbell.


2011     "The garden and Galileo's Moons, Garden Feng Shui",            Bibl. Int. ”La Vigna”, Vicenza.


2010     “Le Lune di Galileo” illustration of the work (graphic project and          studies), Conference "The Moon and Agriculture" with Luisa Pigatto            (Historical Astronomy, Univ. Padua), Vicenza.


         "VIE DI FUGA", Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria, Vicenza, with            A. Bianconi.  


2009     “Percorsi”, Municipal Library of Dueville (VI), Concert by            Duck Baker.


2008     “The art of the woman. Engraving between the 16th and 18th centuries ”.                 BPW FIDAPA conference and exhibition  "Engravings", Chamber of Commerce

         of Vicenza.

         “Historic apples between myth and art”. Council Chamber Palace of            Lusiana. Conference for the enhancement of the territories                montani (University of Padua, Veneto Agriculture, Bios,              CIPAT Venice, Opfel on Pira Association).


2007     “Grab an apple”, Pomaria, Castello di Casez di Val Di Non           (TN).

Group exibitions

2018  "80 artists for the 80th anniversary of Vico Calabro ', Stamperia Busato,         Vicenza.


2017  “Mirror Face to Face” International exhibition of art graphics.

       National Library of Tallin (ESTONIA) and Qu  Bi Gallery of              Vicenza (ITALY).


2012  "From sign to language", signed by the fragilist manifesto,            Caffè Garibaldi, Vicenza.


2012  “Il Fragilismo- Segni”, performance and opening, Foundation            Vignato for Art, Design Library, Milan.


2011  “Fragilism”, Stamperia Busato, Vicenza.

2011   "Micrometamorphosis", Schorndorfer Kunstnacht 2011                  (GERMANY) and Dueville (ITALY).


2010  "I seek your face oh Lord", UCAI, Palazzo Opere Sociali,         Vicenza.


2010  “Metamorfosi / Metamorphose”, Dueville (ITALY), Schorndorf            (GERMANY), Tulle (FRANCE).


      BIBLICAL FESTIVAL “The hospitality of the Scriptures”, Vicenza.


      “Artists for the Stamperia d'Arte Busato, never again high water a           Vicenza ".


2009  “Metamorfosi / Metamorphose”, Dueville (ITALY) and Schorndorf          (GERMANY).


2009  OPEN XII, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations,        Venice Lido, San Servolo Island, Arte Communications.


2006  Presentation of the Sojo Park Catalog, Art and Nature e           new works by the artists: S. Abriani, Lee Babel, R. Costa, S.           Morlin, M. Michelazzo, A. Tasca.


      Three new sculptures at the Sojo. Artists: S. Crestani, M. Michelazzo, S.        From the Saint


2005  Sommerakademie, Salzburg Fortress.


Among the collective painting exhibitions in which he previously participated: in the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, in Villa Fabris in Thiene, in Palazzo Bonaguro in Bassano, the painting club “La soffitta”, promoted by AXA;  in the Italian Pavilion, a traveling exhibition curated by P. Daverio.


2014   "My school", Primary School commissioned by Pro Loco,           Dueville (VI).


2012   “Be foolish, be hungry, but seedsavers”, engraving

        commissioned by the organizers of "Be4eat -Think about eat",         for the author of The China Study, T. Colin Campbell.


        Engravings in the “Adalberto Sartori Prints Collection”, Mantua.


2009   "The Moons of Galileo", garden of Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria,           “La Vigna” International Library of Vicenza.


2008   “Mele Sonore”, Holding Askoll, Dueville (VI).


2006   “Anguane”, and “Anguana in search of the myth”, Sojo Park of          Lusiana (VI).

Artist's books and engravings are in private and public collections, in Italy and abroad.

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