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The artist's book "Diario di Bordo" celebrates the 500th anniversary of the first journey around the world: Magellan who started it, Elcano who finished it, Pigafetta who described it.


“Logbook” is dedicated to the value of the “book” as knowledge.


It alludes to the "book" donated 500 years ago to Charles V by Antonio Pigafetta. To the book and its secrets.


It is an itinerant "book":

from Vicenza, the city of Antonio Pigafetta, to the Planetarium of the Portuguese Navy Museum in Lisbon, the first stop on an international journey of celebration, host of "Natal em Belém" 2021, the Christmas of the Marinheiros Da Esperança , inaugurated by the Head of State of Force Majeure of the Armada Portuguesa, Antonio Mendes Calado, on 20 December.


It is a “book” made of ancient hemp canvas, like the sails of caravels, special hemp because it is produced in Vicenza in the land of the chronicler of the First Journey around the globe; hemp to remember ancient stories and for messages of ecology and environmental sustainability.

It is held together by an ancient belt made of "sea knots".

The book, opened, shows the flags of Spain and Portugal of 500 years ago, separated by a red line that refers to ancient divisions of History but which on the table of "Natal em Belém", will appear as a simple decoration of a long center table where sharing the “spices” of competition and discord, in the extraordinary dishes of the European food tradition, made by the patients of the pediatricians.

It is a "book" where to hide, where to look, where to discover. In the seventy secret pockets, sheets of recycled "paper" await, together with the pleas of Pigafetta and the autographs of Magellano and Elcano, new "signatures" to plan "new journeys" of solidarity such as that of the Marinheiros Da Esperança and commitment to the planet.

It is a "book" that smells of spices, on the theme of "Natal em Belém" 2021

It has blanks, for other spices.

It is a poor and incomplete "book".

To be enriched and completed together, on the journey he will make.

With an international, shared performance.


Artist's book handmade in ancient hemp


international performance


January 6, 2022

September 8, 2022


Vedi chi ha firmato il diario

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