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EXPO2020 - Pavilion of Chile



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Press Release

The installation "PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS" by the Italian artist Margherita Michelazzo is by invitation at the Chilean pavilion at EXPO2020, for the artistic, cultural and symbolic values ​​it proposes, in line with the theme of the Universal Exposition of 2021, "Connecting minds, creating the future ".
Its realization in a very short time, has actually led to the birth of a cooperative network of "minds", of extraordinary professional and entrepreneurial relationships, motivated by the idea of ​​being able to contribute to spreading, through Art, cultural, technical and scientific studies for a sustainable development of the planet.
The installation is part of a project born in Vicenza (ITALY), in 2019, for the celebrations of the V Centenary of the First Journey around the world and its chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, from Vicenza, who transformed the logbook of the first company international history, in a universal song about unknown lands, human variability and biodiversity.
The "PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS" project, deposited at the MIBACT of Rome, in 2019 is covered by copyright, was presented at the 16th Day of the Contemporary by the International Library "La Vigna" of Vicenza: a virtual exhibition, in Vicenza, which aroused curiosity and international interest in the risky combination of the penguins described for the first time by Pigafetta, with the architecture of Palladio.
The artistic proposal is local and global.
The idea is far-reaching. It was born in the open spaces of three sites of extraordinary beauty, visited by the artist:
In the Strait of Magellan, the "key" point of the First Journey around the world, with the Magellanic penguins of Isla Magdalena, in Chile;
In the Asiago plateau and in the Veneto Dolomites, among the forests destroyed by climate change;
In Vicenza, in the city of Palladio and Pigafetta, between the “before” and “after” architectures, the journey that would change history.
With the choice of a simple but symbolic form of identity and using the spruce wood of the forests cut down by the hurricane Vaia in 2018, the installation "PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS" wants to witness ancient and new ties with the Antarctic lands for future travels. not of conquest but of protection of our planet, in international cooperation companies such as that of the Cabo de Hornos Subantarctic Center, for the permanent monitoring of climate change in the world, the sustainable economy and eco-tourism, the defense of biodiversity.
Penguins are a symbol of "adaptation to change": created for flying, they learned to swim. At risk of extinction, they invite us to take new paths of sustainable development.
The penguins of the "PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS" installation are shapes obtained from X-LAM panels for innovative green building, with international certifications on quality and production to propose the value of recycling and recovery of the wood supply chain for a sustainable future of woods and forests. Their wood is PEFC certified.
The color used is 70% composed of recycled substances. The resins come from renewable sources and therefore the product is highly sustainable. The water-based finish is BIO, designed to withstand 6 months of exposure to the Dubai sun
The penguins in the installation, twice the height of the real one to be of greater impact, rest in groups, on square bases bearing the signs of an ancient Antarctic map. The snow-white color covers them almost as if to soften the furrows of history.
Penguins are stylized but not devoid of identity.
They allude to five characters present at the end of the journey, 500 years ago: CarloV, Francisco Albo, Juan Sebastian El Cano, Antonio Pigafetta and Pietro Martire D'Anghiera. They have the characteristic white C in the head and parallel pectoral lines. They represent the SPHENISCUS MAGELLANICUS, symbol of the "journey", "research" and "discovery"
The penguins that welcome the visitor to the pavilion are 38 like the days taken by Magellan's ships to cross the Patagonian Strait; 38 as the degrees of latitude from the Strait to the Antarctic Pole; 38, like moons to be born.

The space and the scenic and symbolic image of the pavilion itself complete the space, colored red like the Antarctic bases to signify Chile's commitment to improving the future of the planet. "El future es espacio ... color de Tierra, de Nube, color de Agua, de Aire .."

The project for EXPO2020 enjoys significant sponsorships that will be displayed in the installation totem:
• the International Library La Vigna di Vicenza which, with the President Remo Pedon, presented the project for the celebrations of the V centenary;
• the national and international body for the certification of wood and forests, PEFC, thanks to the national secretary Antonio Brunori;
• of the Veneto Region thanks to the intervention of the Vice President of the Regional Council, Nicola Finco, who is sensitive to the promotion of the Veneto territory at a national and international level.
Its realization in a very short time, (between early August and mid-September) and between the summer holidays, with overworked Vicenza companies, in difficulty in quickly supplying wood due to an increase in demand and doubling of the cost, was possible. , thanks to the self-financing by the artist, to generous responses from the territory in terms of supply of services and material and to the organization by Boccaccio 432 srls
They contributed, becoming a de facto project partner:
The Veneto Wood Consortium, with the supply of X-LAM panels, to bring attention to the Veneto wood supply chain.
The ICA Group company, with the supply of BIO paints and consultancy.
The ASKOLL company, with packaging and air transport operations up to Dubai, to the Chile Pavilion.
A note of merit goes to the Vicenza and Veneto companies scattered throughout the territory, which collaborated, respecting strict deadlines:
Artuso Legnami of Altivole (TV), who delivered the timber on time. Cometa Legno di Schiavon (VI), which for Expo2020 pantographed the 10 bases and provided technical advice to a project for which the owner Marino Meneghin had prepared the first 5 prototypes, already in 2019;
Cortese Legno di Carre '(VI), who expertly prepared the shapes, anticipating delivery for painting.
Arte Bassanes that has provided for the painting with a rigorous procedure.

Ing.Carlo Zambonin  for his technical advice.
Special thanks:
To the ProChile government agency, which made the invitation for EXPO2020.
To Giustino Mezzalira, Director of the Research and Agroforestry Management Section of Veneto Agriculture, who, as Vice President of the "La Vigna" International Library of Vicenza, has established useful contacts, in particular with the Veneto Wood Consortium (Enzo Bozza and Giovanna Fongaro, supporters of the project since 2019), with PEFC, with Maurizio Zordan of the Zordan Group of Valdagno, who from Dubai will control the setting with competence and generosity.
To Elio Marioni owner of Askoll, for the precious service offered.
To the Italian sales director of ICA Group, Elio Segato, for the important supply of material and consultancy for the painting phases.
To Piero Balanza, secretary of the Veneto Wood Consortium for the great availability.

Other sponsors are being defined. All convinced of the importance of supporting an initiative that responds to an extraordinary invitation from a foreign country for a universal exhibition. This is how the PIGAFETTAPINGUINOS project, born to celebrate the past, has become an opportunity for international collaboration.


Installation for the Chile pavilion





1October 2021

31 March 2022

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